What is Drop Shipment Business? How to make Unlimited Money From this Business.

Hello friends, what is the Online Drop shipment Business? Perhaps you may or may not know this, but if you want to start Without Investment Online Own Business. So this can be a perfect business idea for you. Ecommerce technology has become so much better than you can do online selling in any country of the world from India and you must have heard about your Shopify, it is the world’s most popular drop shipment business website, with the help of it millions of people from India Selling goods to countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK.

We have to invest both money and mind to start everyone, whether business or small. But there are some such ideas in which we can use our mind to make money?

In the same way, we can earn a good amount of money by using only the brain from the Online Drop shipment Business Idea. So let’s understand in some detail.

If Basic Drop shipment is understood,

This is a business in which a person deals with Directly wholesalers and buys and sells those products directly to the customer.

But now its definition is slightly different from basic,

Online Drop Shipment is a business in which a person compares all the online marketplace products price and sells the product to the direct customer from the other marketplace by purchasing the product from the cheapest marketplace or simply by image.

To understand it easily, the price of a leather jacket at both Amazon and Flipkart marketplace is 300 and 700 rupees. In such a situation, we can take an image of the product from Amazon and list it on any other online marketplace, eBay, Myntra and can earn money by selling it at a slightly higher price.

Benefits Of Online Drop Shipment Business:

Drop Shipment Business is not just about selling products on the e-commerce website. It depends on our mind that we can earn money by using this idea in some way. Here I have told about some of its benefits that can attract anyone like this business.

Zero Or Less Capital Requirement:

The biggest benefit of this business is that we have to invest Zero money or invest very little to start an online Drop Shipment Business. Because we do not need to pay till then. Until the customer makes the payment successfully.

Easy to get started:

It is very easy to start a drop shipment business, we do not need a professional business consultant for this. We can manage it Individually only. Because

  • In this, we get a payment indirect account and for this, we have to use Payment Gateway only. When we use our eCommerce website.
  • We are also not responsible for Order Packing and Shipment.

Flexible Location:

Like we can manage Blogging from anywhere with the help of Internet connection only. In the same way, we can manage the Online Drop Shipment business from any location and no fixed office setup is required for this.

How to start the Online Drop Shipment Business?

It is so easy to start a dropshipping business that after reading these tips you can start it immediately, without wasting even the Minute.

Just for this, we should have an Internet Connection and to set up some important personal information, account, after that we can start the online Drop Shipment business in two ways.

  1. Setup Your Own Ecommerce Website
  2. By becoming a seller on any e-commerce website

Starting Drop shipment by setting up your own e-commerce website is a bit complex and for this, we have to take the help of a third-party store such as Instamojo or Shopify or set up our own website with a payment gateway.

So here we will learn how to start Drop Shipment Business through Seller. Which is very easy and reliable for us.

Step # 1: First of all, we have to open a Seller Account on a popular e-commerce website. So that we can list our product on that website.

Step # 2: After setting up Seller Account, we have two options from where we can list the product on our Seller account,

1- Contact Wholesaler and decide the price of the product from there, capture its photo, and upload it to your Seller account.

2 – If you see a product on a different online marketplace, select the cheapest product, and download its image and upload it to your Seller account.

Step # 3: After uploading the image, we have to write the price, headline, and description of that product.

  • At the price at which we have seen the product, we have to set a higher price so that we can get the benefit.
  • The headline will have to be written in an attractive and promotional manner so that we can get maximum clicks.
  • If the product is listed from Wholesaler, then according to its Dealing, we will have to write the Description and if you are listing the product from another website, then for this, you will have to write according to the previous description of the product.

Step # 4: Now we have to promote our listed product and so that we can reach our product to maximum people. For this, we can take the help of social media, blogging.

Step # 5: When a user buys our listed product, then if we have talked to Wholesaler for our product, then we have to buy that product from him and send it to the customer’s address.

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But if we have listed the product from another e-commerce website. So for this, one has to take the details of the customer from one site and send the product from another site (remember, while packing, we do not have to select regular packing, for this we have to choose gift pack or any other option).

Friends, here I have told you about Online Dropipment Business. This is an easy & zero investment business idea. Whichever one can start with ease and a little mind can make a little income. If you have any suggestion about it, then you should share it in Comment.

Thank You

Good Luck!

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