Breakfast shop business : Less educated people can Earn millions of rupees start a breakfast shop in 10 thousand rupees

One of the biggest problems often faced by less educated people is that they are not able to do jobs because of not being educated and they do not get any means to earn money. In such a situation, they think that they should start such a business, which is in high demand and they can earn good money from it. For them, we have brought information about such a business, which does not require any degree and by starting it, they can earn good money. He is a business breakfast shop. The special thing is that there is no need to invest too much in it. Let’s know how we can start this business.

Market demand for breakfast shop

The business of the breakfast shop is a business to be started with less investment but there is so much money in it that there is no match. There are many businesses in which there is both a boom and a slowdown. But the business of the breakfast shop is a business that stays the same all the time. In big cities, there are many people who are very quick to go to the office or work in the morning. Due to hurry, they are not able to have breakfast and thus leave the house. And have breakfast outside. In such a situation, there is a lot of rush in the breakfast shops in the morning. Therefore, the demand for this business is also high in the market.

How to start a breakfast shop

Before beginning your breakfast meal shop, you should make arranging and the executive’s strategy, which should take unique consideration of the spending plan while making. You can begin this systematic shop, yet separated from this you additionally have an excellent alternative of versatile food truck business. Be that as it may, it might require somewhat more speculation. Yet, gaining from this is acceptable. You can likewise begin this business in the toll. One thing that is most significant when beginning this business is that you don’t need to think about this business as little yet rather do it with full enthusiasm and difficult work on the off chance that it can allow the business to gain millions.

Choose a place to start a breakfast shop

Before starting a breakfast shop, you have to think carefully and choose a place where more and more of your customers join. You can start this shop at any crossroads in your city, there are many more people. Apart from this, you can open a school, college, hospital, garden, or anywhere near a hospital. There will be more chances of running this shop there too. You can start this business even in a small van or cart, there is no fixed place for it, you can start it anywhere in the crowded place in the morning and evening anytime.

Essential license for breakfast shop

  • Certificate under Shop Act: – To start this business, you need to get a certificate under the Shop Act. If you start it as a food van, then it is necessary to get permission from the RTO and contact your municipal body for permission related to parking space and payment for paying rent, etc.
  • FSSAI license: – The breakfast shop is a food-related business, so for this, you need to get a Food Safety and Standard Authority of India i.e. FSSAI license.
  • Health and Safety Certificate: – You will also have to get a Health and Safety Certificate from your Municipal Body. For this, you may have to pay some fees.
  • GST Number: – You are also required to get a GST number for this business. Which you can get with the help of CA.

To start a small business, you can register and get a loan under MSME.

Breakfast items

The most important thing in the business of a breakfast shop is the taste and cleanliness. Actually, some of the breakfast items of Northern and Central India are famous which are Samosa, Kachori, Pav bhaji, Dhokla, Aloo Chop, poori bhaji, chole bhature, vada pav, Poha, Jalebi, tea, etc. You add all these things to your mind. Apart from this, things like dosa, idli, vada, upma, etc. can be included in South India. Because these things are more famous there. In this business, you should tell that you do not keep many items, pay special attention to some items, which are more in demand. If everyone likes the taste of that one item, then this business can give you a lot of profit. And you can be quite famous for that.


Determination of rate for breakfast shop

In this business, you have to determine the rate for your item. For example, you can determine the rate of 20 rupees for a plate poha, 8 to 10 rupees for 1 samosa, etc. However, you should also know about the rates of your competitors, because if your shop rates are high, then you may incur losses.

Staff selection for breakfast shop

You also have to have 2 or 4 employees in your breakfast shop who can work to engage customers. Because you can not do the work alone by making your breakfast and giving it to customers and billing it. It is necessary to have an employee. These workers can work with you as a helper. You just have to pay for them some salary.

Breakfast quality and hygiene

You will need raw materials for your breakfast shop like you will need more things like maida, flour, vegetables, oil, spices, utensils, etc. to make breakfast, which will be easily available in the market. You serve your customers hot as they do not like cold. Apart from this, you must pay special attention to the quality and cleanliness of your waste. You have to arrange for pure and clean drinking water. The utensils served, both the plates, disposals, etc. should be clean. If you pay attention to all these things then your customers will be very happy with you.

Breakfast shop cost

You can easily start a breakfast shop for 10 thousand rupees. But if you start by replacing it with rent, then you may have to pay up to Rs 50 thousand. Apart from this, the expenses will also increase according to the facility you provide to your customers.

Breakfast shop profit

By doing this business, you can earn from 8 to 10 thousand rupees per day. That is, you will get lakhs of rupees a month from this business. So this business may be small but it benefits more.

Risk in breakfast shop

The risk in this business is that if people do not like the taste of your breakfast, then customers will not come to you and you may suffer a lot of loss. Apart from this, special attention is also needed for cleanliness.

There is no qualification required in this business, so this type of business can prove to be very better for less educated people.

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