You should know the Government is giving a golden opportunity to open ration shop, earn Million

Every person has to go to a ration shop to buy his home ration. Any citizen can buy grain by showing his ration card by going to the ration shop. These shops are not only in urban areas but they are also present in rural areas. But the population of our country is so large that every person is finding it difficult to get employment in government or private companies. In such a situation, they are adopting the idea of ​​doing their own business. This article has been written to help such people. If a person has to start his business, then he can open a cheap shop or fair price ration shop. These days there is a lot of benefit in this too. You will see everything in this article, what will be the requirements for opening a ration shop.

How to open government ration shop, online application, dealership, rules, license (fair price, cheap price) (Ration Dukaan Depot, Fair Price Shop, PDS, License).

You should know the Government is giving a golden opportunity to open ration shop, earn Million

What is the government ration distribution shop?

Ration shops are those where ration cardholders get to ration at a fair price. These are shops that are licensed by the government to provide essential goods at a reasonable price under the Essential Commodities Act Section 3. This license is given as per the Public Distribution System. It can also be understood in this way that the price of ration such as wheat, rice, pulses, sugar, and other grains has been fixed by the government, at the same fixed rate, ration distributors give ration to the people of their area. These shops are fair price ration shops.

Who can open a ration shop (Ration Shop Eligibility Criteria)

The eligibility for opening a ration shop varies from state to state, but some eligibility is prescribed for all, which are as follows –

  • A resident of India: – A person desirous of opening a ration shop should be a resident of India, as well as in the same area of ​​which he is a resident.
  • Financially Able: – There should be a minimum amount of 50 thousand rupees in the bank account of the person applying, this means that he should be financially competent.
  • Educational Qualification: – The first eligibility for people to open a ration shop was to pass at least 10th standard, which has now been increased to graduation. However, this ability may be different in different states.
  • Already licensed applicants cannot apply: – A person who has obtained a license for a ration shop once but for some reason, his license has been canceled, he cannot apply for it again.
  • Legal Guilty: – A person who is guilty under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. He too will not be eligible for this.
  • Other licenses: – If a person has a license for the earlier edible oil, sugar, wheat, rice, etc. given by the Department of Food. So he too cannot apply for a ration shop.

Ration Shop Required Location and Place

  • The place where you are opening the shop should have full paper, whether it is in your place or you have taken it in rent by signing the rent agreement.
  • This should be an area for the shop, in front of which there is a road at least 15 feet wide. So that people go to get ration, then people do not have trouble in buying ration.
  • The height and width of the shop should be from 3 meters to 5 meters.
  • If there is a flour mill near the ration shop, it will make it easier for people to buy wheat by purchasing ration.

How to apply for a license to open a ration shop

If you live in urban areas, you can apply for a license to open a ration shop. But if you are living in a rural area, then the process has been kept offline for this. Here we are telling you the procedure to apply for a license for people living in both areas –


For the people of rural areas 

  • A meeting is held to determine whether a ration shop is required in the rural area. The reason for holding this meeting arises when the people living in that village have to go far enough to get ration, or they are not happy with the behavior of their ration distributor.
  • The responsibility of overseeing this meeting is given to the Assistant Block Development Officer. In front of them, the names of people who opened ration shops are known.
  • Then the qualifications and other conditions of the candidates whose names are given are verified. They are also given a form by the Block Officer, which they have to fill and submit. Also, all their documents are also collected and checked. If a candidate does not have any type of certificate, he can contact his village sarpanch or assistant block development officer for it.
  • Then the application form and documents of all the selected candidates are sent to the Block Development Officer. And then after it is verified by them, it is sent to the District Supply Officer.
  • After this, all documents go to the District Magistrate. And they get the license from here but tell you that before getting the license, you have to pay the basis of the states and some rupees as security.

In this way, you get a license to open a ration shop in rural areas. And then you can open your shop.

For the people of an urban area 

  • If there is any place in the city where there is a 4 thousand unit area, a notification is issued by the government to open a ration shop. This notification is sent to the people through the local newspaper and the official website of the concerned department. And then those who are interested in it can apply.
  • Applicants can apply by visiting the official website of the concerned department. After filling the application form, it is inspected, which is done by the Circle Supply Inspector.
  • After this, the applicants are selected. This selection is done by the selection committee based on the inspection report. Those who join the selection committee include District Supply Officer, District Magistrate or Additional Magistrate, Chief Development Officer, a selected person of Revenue Department, etc.
  • The application of the applicant who is selected by the Selection Committee is forwarded to the District Supply Officer for further investigation. The District Supply Officer examines the applicant’s eligibility and behavior, along with checking the application.
  • After this, the final application is sent again to the District Magistrate and only then the applicant has to pay the fees charged by the government for the ration shop. This is a security fee.
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In this way, ration shops can be opened in your area by obtaining a license for a ration shop. Applicants receive income from the government from this. Slowly, people start running this shop, then this ration seller starts getting a lot of profit.

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