Importance of Social Media to Our Life in 2020

Importance of Social Media to Our Life in 2020

Hello Friends, My name is Suvankar Koley today in this post I am going to tell you about the Importance of Social Media and will also talk about Social Media Marketing.

Day by day social media going high. We all depend on social media. And also it’s very important in our life.

Twitter or Facebook… Take your own example. How many times a day do you visit one or many of these Social Networking Websites, which are still in their infancy and are developing and dominating our Virtual World. 
You visit at least one or possibly more than one such website in a day and you should be well aware that many people have become addicted to these websites. Their day does not begin without going to social media. It can be considered really strange that we belong to this Virtual World etc.

To make you believe, the statistics of daily traffic coming on these websites are enough. You can get an idea of ​​the strength of social media from the daily traffic coming on these websites. Sometimes it is also felt that Social Media has completely controlled both our Virtual World and Physical World and we are following the orders of Social Media itself.

The Cyber ​​World of Social Media has kept its claws so deeply that we may have forgotten our Influential Powers.

In today’s fast-paced world where almost every other person you meet has a shortage of time, we have no problem in assuming that a lot of work on social media is done with very little time and moderate cost. Due to this feature of Social Media, I was forced to write about the importance and benefits of the Importance of Social Media.

Importance of Social Media

Below I am going to write some facts which highlight the importance of social media.

Characteristics of Social Media: Below is some similar discussions that make Social Media so unique.

  • Social Media is easily available to everyone and ever since Social Media has become available on mobile phones, its reach has increased further, and it is also the main meeting point of Internet Savvy Audience.

  • Social media is a major part of the younger generation, teenagers and middle-aged people, who use social media the most. Out of total social media users, users of this age are the highest.

  • Social Media opens up possibilities to reach customers directly without any third-party intervention.

  • Advertising expenses by Social Media are less than that incurred on Print, Television, or other Traditional Media.

  • The biggest advantage of advertising through social media is that it helps to make the company’s website famous or search engine ranking.

The above characteristics are very important for any business in today’s world. When you are using this medium i.e. Social Media, then the communication level and customer engagement go to completely different levels.

Power of Social Media in Today’s Marketplace: 

With its viral videos, blogs, and articles, Social Media can be said to be a healthy business of innovative ideas that keep customers occupied and continue to attract their attention.

This is not strange for women, the same thing applies to men. Suppose you wrote a blog on a particular product, then after reading that article, by the time you reach the end of that article, you might have made up your mind to buy it.

To buy it easily in the middle of the article or at the end of it or both places you can give an Online Buying link. As soon as the goods are sold your mission is complete! You see that your product gets sold only after five minutes of the customer reading something. This is the power of Social Media in today’s market.

From global giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon to downstairs and small restaurants, and locally owned small businesses, they have understood and are using the Importance Of Social Media as their advertising to target their audiences. To identify.

More and more E-Marketers who are new in the field are also trying to emerge as experts in Social Network Marketing.

Social Media is including in the syllabus of Leading Business School

You can gauge the impact of social media on the fact that it has been included in almost every kind of school curriculum across the world.


Singapore is a perfect example of a country that recognizes the Importance of Social Media and Importance of Technology and Singapore is increasing its number of universities day by day and is also in the headlines for studying social media marketing in its university. Singapore through this change wants to teach its students how to take advantage of the challenges of social media as well as the new medium of marketing and the new medium of communication, Singapore is helping its students a lot in this matter. is

Professional and Business Executives who want to gain an in-depth understanding of Brand Management and Internet Marketing can learn to leverage the power of social media for their businesses and organizations. And by using it, you can touch a new height.

Aventis School of Management, a renowned business school in Singapore, gives a Professional Graduate Certificate in Social Media Marketing to its students.

There are many Sari Universities in the USA too, so give this type of Certificate and Degree. Such as Master of Communication from the University of Washington gives a degree in Digital Media. Gives a Certificate in Advanced Social Media Marketing from the University of San Francisco. Southern New Hampshire University also offers an MBA in Social Media Marketing. There are many sari universities that are working in this field.

Benefits of Social Media

1. No Geographical Boundaries

Geographical Boundaries cannot prevent social media from reaching customers, prospective customers, and the general public. Whatever will be online on the internet, social media will surely reach it. So your business is not an affection for any Geographical Boundaries nor do you need to get permission from anyone about it.

2. Larger Sales, Fatter Profits

When the Geographical Boundaries is over for you, you can increase the sales of your goods by targeting customers from all over the world, and it may be that you can give more profit than you thought. If you are in service-oriented business then you can get more benefits.

 3. Keep Up With Current Global Trends

The most likely thing is that all your contestants (contestants) will already be present online or maybe they will also be planning to include social media marketing in their business. If you do not come on social media marketing now, then chances are that soon your competitors will start doing it any day and you will fall behind them.

4. Marketing Budgets

If you have started your business, whether it is Coffee Shop, Laundry, or service sector. With the help of social media marketing, you can reduce the pressure of your finance.

Online marketing campaigns (online marketing campaigns) are less expensive, then (print media campaigns) print media campaigns which usually print their advertisements in local newspapers, as well as national magazines, are more expensive. Newspapers are only for one day and magazines for about a month. In online advertisements, you can use it for your customers as long as you want. Therefore, there is a risk in print media campaigns.

5. Communication… Two Way Traffic

Traditional marketing techniques commonly adopted by small-scale businesses may include Promotional Letters, fliers, brochures mailbox, Print Media, Radio & Television. But with this, you will have to be present in Social Media Marketing as well.

You can take both social media and print media together so that you keep moving forward in both the areas, this is the key to success.

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Of all the ways I have told you here, the most important is that you must have to flow all the above how 
Importance of Social Media.

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