25 Facts Rich People And Poor People


25 Facts Rich People And Poor People

You must have heard the name of Robert T. Kiyosaki. No ! Then you may not have even heard the name of his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Come on, I am not talking about this book, because this book is unique in itself. When you get this book, definitely read it. Here I am writing 25 interesting facts of this book. Maybe then you feel like reading this book. So here are 25 Fact Rich Person And Poor Person. 

1. I used to say a daddy that I cannot buy it. Other daddies used to tease using these words. They used to insist that I should say instead how can I buy it. The first sentence is negative and the second questioner. In one thing it ends and in another, you are forced to think.

When we say that I cannot buy it, then our brain stops working. Instead, when we ask this, how can I buy it, then our brain starts working.

2. Actually, people give direction to their life only with their thoughts. Poor people always used to say that I will never be rich and his prediction proved to be correct. Rich people, on the other hand, always considered himself rich. They used to talk like this, I am rich and rich people do not do this.

After a big economic shock, even when he was on the verge of insolvency, he used to call himself a rich man. They used to say there is a difference between being poor and not having money. Lack of money is temporary, while the poor are permanent. Poor people were not poor because he earned less, but because he was poor because his ideas and work were poor.

3. Money is a kind of power, but even more powerful is financial education. The dice keeps coming and going, but if you know how money works, then you become more powerful. And you can start earning wealth. It is not taught in schools how money works, so most people waste their sari lives in working for money.

4. You will be called poor only when you give up. The most important thing is that you did something. Most people just keep talking about getting rich and keep dreaming about it.

You have done something I am proud of you. I will say the same thing again, let’s move on.

5. If you do not have the ability to take immediate decisions then you will never learn to make money. Opportunities come and go, so the ability to take immediate decisions is an important art.

By reading this, you must have guessed how useful this rich rich book is.

6. If you learn the lessons of life, you will benefit greatly from it. If you don’t do this, then life will continue to push you. People do two things. Some people go on tolerating the brunt of life, others get angry and push life away.

But they push their boss, their work, their wife or their husband. They do not know that life is pushing them. Life shocks us all, some people give up, others fight.

Some people learn a lesson and move on. Such people welcome the bumps of life. For these few people, it means that they need to learn something new. They learn and carry themselves forward.

7. Most employees never get a full salary. The government always takes its share in advance as TAX.

When you earn, you are taxed. When you spend, you are taxed. When you save, you are taxed. And lastly, even when you die, you are taxed.

But rich people do not allow the government to do this. Only the poor and the middle class allow the government to do so.

8. A part of every person’s soul is weak and needy that can be bought. And it is also true that a part of every human soul is strong and firm and can never be bought. The real question is which part of them is more powerful.

Most people have a price and that is their price because we all have two emotions, fear, and greed.

First, they work hard for fear of living without money and after that when we get a salary then we get a feeling of greed or desire.

When we have money, we are forced to think about those wonderful things that can be bought with that money. And thus a pattern of our life is formed. Wake up in the morning, go to work, spend, get up, go to work, spend.

People’s life is always driven by fear and greed. Even if they get more money, they will increase their spending by following this pattern. The same pattern is called RAT RACE.

9. If you do not control fear and greed, however rich you may become, in reality, you will remain a slave with a big salary.

The main reason for poverty or lack of money is fear and ignorance, not the economy or government or rich people. It is the self-inflicted fear and ignorance that keeps people trapped in this trap.

10. Now we will talk about the tenth interesting fact of Rich People Poor People.

Money is actually an illusion which in reality is like a carrot hanging in front of a pit. Billions and trillions of people keep thinking that wealth is the real thing due to the fear and greed that arises due to the wealth of wealth.

Wealth is actually a juggernaut. Due to the ignorance and trust of the public, this palace of cards is able to stand.

If this continues, then the gap between the poor and the rich will become so big one day that the doom will come.

The lives of the poor, middle class, and mindless people will be ruined simply because they believe that money is the real thing and the company or government they work for will take care of them.

11. The sooner you forget the need for a salary, the easier your life will become. Use your brain. Work for free and soon your brain will tell you other ways to earn money.

In those ways, you will earn more money from this job. You will be able to see things that other people never see. Opportunities are under his nose, yet most people never see these opportunities.

The reason for this is that they keep searching for money and security. The moment when you will be able to get a chance, after that you can see a chance of life.

12. Retirement does not mean that we do not work or we will not work further. This means that we are free to work or not for as long as we want.

And the reason for this is that our wealth is automatically kept alive. Say faster than inflation. And this is what freedom is really called.


13. Many people are just focusing their attention on money and are not focusing on their greatest wealth. Whose name is education? If people are willing to be flexible, keep an open mind, and are ready to learn, then despite all the economic ups and downs, they can become very rich.

If people will think that only money can solve their problems, then the time ahead for such people will be very troublesome.

Problems are solved with intelligence and money comes. If you do not have an understanding of money, even if money comes, it does not last long.

14. The first important rule to get rich is that you should know the difference between assets and liabilities. And you should always buy the property.

If you want to be rich, that’s all you need to know. This is the first rule. This is the only rule.

This sounds easy, but most people do not realize how important this rule is. Most people get entangled in crushed problems just because they do not know what the difference between property and liability is.

Wealthy people collect the property, poor and middle-class people collect responsibility. And the interesting thing is that those people feel that they are collecting property.

15. Property is something that puts money in your pocket. Liability is something that comes out of your pocket. If you want to get rich then keep buying property all your life.

If you want to become poor or middle-class, then you should keep buying responsibilities throughout your life.

The reason for the lack of money is that people do not know the difference between them. So if you want to get rich and maintain your wealth then money literacy and understanding are important.

16. Today, commercial success has no direct relation to academic success. When students have no understanding of money at the time of leaving school, then millions of educated people become successful in their business, but later they are strapped with money Keep on battling

The drawback in their education is not that they have not been taught to earn money but it is that they have not been taught how to spend money.

17. This is because of the lack of money in people’s lives because they keep working for their whole life friends. Many people have nothing left for themselves even after working all their lives.

18. The best thing about money is that it works 24 hours a day and can do so for generations. Keep doing whatever work you do, but at the same time keep increasing your property column.

When your cash flow increases, you can buy some luxury items. An important fact about this is that rich people buy luxury items later, while poor and middle-class people buy luxury items first.

People often buy such luxury items like big houses, diamonds, jewelry, vehicles so that they look rich and they look good, but in reality, they go deep into the swamp of credit.

19. We have a lot of potentials and we have many gifts from nature. But the thing that pushes us all back is the doubt about ourselves. We do not lag behind due to a lack of technical information, but because of a lack of confidence.

Having a college degree or having good numbers does not have any special significance. Outside the academic atmosphere, in real life, more important things are needed than good numbers. It is called Guts, bravery, cunning, courage, talent, ability to take risks, etc.

This element, whether it is called by any name, has a greater impact on our future than the school numbers.

20. The biggest enemies of a person’s talent are too much fear and doubt about one’s own abilities. In real life, intelligent people do not progress as much as brave people can.

21. Very few people understand that we also make luck the way money is made. If you want to be more fortunate and make more money, apart from working hard, your financial intelligence is important.

If you are the kind of person who waits for the right thing to happen, then you will probably have to wait a long time.

22. Financial intelligence consists of four core technical competencies.

  • Financial literacy means the ability to read marks.
  •  Investment strategy i.e. the science of making money through money.
  •  Understanding of market ie demand and supply.
  •  Law – Awareness of national laws. That means playing within the rules.

If you want to invest money, then you should have this fundamental ideal, that is, these skills should be coordinated.

23. What you know is your biggest capital. What you don’t know is your biggest risk. Risk is always there. So instead of avoiding it, learn to manage it.

24. The idea of ​​specialization in school and job is a popular idea. That is, you need to gain expertise to earn more money or to get promoted.

That is why the medical doctors immediately saw that you are busy acquiring expertise like a pediatrician or orthopedic specialist. And the same is true of accountants, architects, lawyers, pilots, and others.

The educated Person believed in this ideology. That is why he was thrilled after getting his doctorate.

He used to believe that such people are respected in school, who at least read more about things.

But Rich Person encouraged him to reverse it. You should know a little bit about everything. This was his suggestion.

25. Another scary management theory is that the workers work hard so that they are not removed from the job and the owners give them only so that the workers do not leave.

And if you look at the salaries of most companies, you will find that there is some truth in this matter.

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