Make Money from PI Network

Make Money from PI Network

Hi Friends, today is the time of online, all work goes online, when a lot of work goes online, then it can also be earned online. Today if you go to the internet, you will find many articles including how to make money online with affiliate marketing, how to make money online from home, How to make money from youtube, ETC. Today I am going to tell you that online how to make money from PI Network and earning method. Today I am going to talk to you about such apps with which you can earn millions without spending even a single penny.

Before telling about these apps, let me tell you that if you know about Bitcoin, then it will be easy for you to understand it. I am sure you will know about Bitcoin or have you ever heard about it. If you don’t know anything about Bitcoin, then Mining, let me tell you a little bit about it.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that was launched on January 3, 2009. Do you know what it cost in 2008? In 2008, it was priced at $ 0 or Rs 0, but in 2010, the price of Bitcoin was $ 0.08, or Rs 5.50 paise. At the same time, in November 2013, its price had increased to $ 1230 i.e. around Rs 70000 and if we talk about now, its price has increased to $ 9200 i.e. about Rs 650000. Yes friends this is the price of a bitcoin today.


Now you must be wondering where did all these bitcoins come from? The simple answer is from Bitcoin Mining. If Mining is spoken simply, you can collect Bitcoin from Mining. Now the question was: How to mining in Bitcoin?

When this currency was launched, half the people did not know about it, and people who knew it did not have the necessary resources to mining it. For example, a computer with a lot of RAM is a very high-level Graphic Card and Internet that runs 24 hours. Due to this, your electricity also used to cost a lot, so it was very difficult to make bitcoin mining for the common man. Or in other words, a common man could not do Bitcoin ki Mining, but even among those who had all these Resources, a lot of people did not mine that they thought it is Fake or useless.

At the time of the launch of Bitcoin, you could collect more than 50 Bitcoin in 1 day and those who had Resources and still those who did not participate in its mining and who knew that people were seeing this high price of Bitcoin today. Must have been But those who mined it at the right time changed their lives completely. By looking at its price itself, you can guess how their life has changed.

If you do Bitcoin Mining in today’s date, you will be able to earn only Rs 200 or Rs 250 in the whole month, you will not be able to do more than that. Moreover, the cost of resources like your laptop and the Internet is different.


Now you must have become well known about Bitcoin Currency. Just now let’s talk about another such currency which was launched in March 2019 and whose mining is going on. We can mine it now and the name of this currency is PI Network.

Friends, the biggest advantage of this currency is that it does not require a big computer, Graphics Card, or many resources to mine it. Your mobile is enough to mine it and yes nowadays everyone has a mobile phone. This means that everyone can mine it. Its biggest thing is that neither your battery nor your mobile uses a battery nor 24 hours internet is needed to mine it. Just open it once in 24 hours of the day and click on it.

If you download it now from the Google Play store, then your mining speed will be 0.25 pie per hour. This means that in 4 hours you can earn a pie. This simply means that you can earn 6 pies in a day. If you continue this sequence throughout the month, then in 1 month you will have 180 pies. If you continued mining like this for the next 6 months, then you would have 1080 pies.

Moving in the same order, you will have 2160 pies in 1 year. Friends, you are not spending any money here, there is no investment happening, you only have to download the app and the biggest thing is that the app is not using your battery nor is using your internet, then there is no harm. Just click on the app once in 24 hours.


Now the question is arising in your mind that what will be the benefit? Let’s also remove your problem now. As friends, I told you earlier that in 2008, the price of Bitcoin was $ 0 and it has become very much at the moment, similarly the price of Pi Network Currency will also increase in the coming time. So, this is the chance to make friends for free so that you do not have to regret later, like people who do not mine Bitcoin today will be regretting it.


Now you must be thinking that how much can the Pi Network Currency price be? The look is simple as we know the price of everything depends on its demand. This is a simple economic concept. Let’s try to understand it a little more deeply.


Simple Economic Concept says that if the demand is high, then its price will also increase. I May not understand! Never mind! Let’s understand this with an example that supposes you have 10 Pencils and 100 people who buy them but none of those 100 people want to buy these Pencils because they do not know what Pencils are. So what did we do that divided the 10 brothers into one Pencil Free? Now when those people used this pencil, they understood that it is a great thing. After seeing them, more people came and they too started asking for it. People started asking for a pencil which was not wanted before. This meant that the demand for Pencil increased.

Now those who have Pencils will say that yes we will give you Pencils but in return we need money. Now look at the pencil they got for free, due to increasing demand, its price increased. Friends, this is exactly the concept of this Cryptocurrency. First I give it free and then after that its price increases. The same thing happened with Bitcoin. I hope that you have understood my point now. Now it comes to the price of this, so let’s talk about that too.


For a while, we assume that the price of a pie is not $ 100 or $ 500, but only $ 1, or Rs 70. So, friends, you are mine 6 pies in 1 day, ie, you have earned around $ 6 Pi 420 rupees. I am telling you at least the value. Similarly, if you collected 2000 Pi in 1 year, it means $ 2000, if you see these Dollars, then about Rs. 1,40,000.

Now think for yourself guys, you don’t have to invest anything in it, just download the app and click on it once in 24 hours. And this is what I have told the mining rate, it is at least you can also increase it. To increase this rate, you invite your friends and told them to invite their friends. You can see for yourself how many Pi you can earn.


Now the most important thing is that after downloading the app, how to register in it.

Google PlayStore

iPhone App Store

After downloading, when you open it, you will see the screen below, now there are two ways to log in it. The first is to continue with Facebook and the second is to continue with phone number. I would like to advise you not to log it in with your phone number. I am refusing to log in with the mobile number because then you may have to do a Uk or USA message to do the verification. Whose charges can be enough, every mobile operator will have their own charge.

Login from Facebook is the easiest friend. It will not charge you anything. You have to simply click on continue with Facebook. Which will open your screen below? Here you have to fill your Facebook kee ID and your password. You will be logged in The big advantage of logging in with Facebook is that your verification will also be done through Facebook.

But friends, one thing to remember is that your name must be correct because when you withdraw money from it, then you have to do KYC (Know Your Customer) and while doing KYC there is a difference in your name, then you may face difficulty in withdrawing money.

When logged in, then the screen below will appear. First of all, check your name here and write the User Name below. Your User Name should be unique, ie it should never be used before. Then you submit it.

After this, he will then ask you who has invited you and tell you the Invitation Code. Without the Invitation Code, you cannot complete registration in it, so you remember my “suvanka143” Invitation Code. If you want to use another Invitation Code, you can write it here.

If you use my Invitation Code, then my mining will increase a bit and my efforts to write this whole article can be successful.

After that, your app will open in this way, then keep moving forward. And he will ask you to click on this Icon of Tap to Earn, you have to click on this Icon once to do mining in 24 hours.

One more thing, friends, what is most important is that I do not want to hide anything from you in this. No one can say whether this Pi Network will be successful or not. But there is so much talk that its success is dependent on us. The more people join it, the more its demand and the higher its price will increase. According to which more than 1 million users have been added to this network in the last 13 months. With this, I think, friends, that its value will increase a lot.


I hope that you guys have liked this information and you will also benefit from it. I hope you will also download this Mining App and increase you’re earning as much as possible. Friends, if you want any more information about it, you can comment below. 

I hope that you must have liked my Article, if you all liked this article, then share this article with all your friends also so that those people can also know that there is Make Money from PI Network

Thank You.

Good Luck!

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