How to Join Network Marketing

How to Join Network Marketing

Hello Friends, here I will tell you what to do before giving a plan to someone and after giving the plan so that the possibility of joining the front increases. Here you will learn that people Join network marketing. 

Friends, I believe You guys know what is network marketing and how to join? If you don’t know then read this article deeply. Everyone knows that 5 years back network marketing means practically motivate someone and encourage them to join. Nowadays network marketing is fully digitalized but the process is the same. You can join from your home also. Everything is online.

So guys without vesting any time now I am going to tell you How to join Network Marketing.

How to Join Network Marketing

1. Give a plan with confidence
2. Keep complete information on the front
3. Be in a hurry
4. Method of giving plan
5. Always do FOLLOW UP
6. Tell your DOWNLINE how to give a plan and how to join
7. Become 100% PRODUCT USER
8. Attend all MEETING and SEMINAR

1. Give a plan with confidence

Take care of your Dressing Sense while giving a plan to someone. Clothes should be neat and tidy. There is no odor coming from the mouth and most importantly – talk to the front with full confidence.

2. Keep complete information on the front

First of all, make a list and contact those people you know. Collect more and more information about whoever you want to give a plan to. From this, you can plan to give a plan according to his personality and financial condition. If you are going to give a plan to an unfamiliar person by another person, then take as much information as possible about that unfamiliar person. Make your plan in advance how to Join to the front.

3. Be in a hurry

It is a psychological fact that people who are always busy are more affected by them. People who are always engaged in work, are running, people are always curious about what this man’s work is. People always want to know about them, their work, and their income. When you show people that you have less time or are in a hurry, then the useless questions asked by them will be reduced a lot. They will always talk to the point.

4. Method of giving plan

Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar, you can give him a plan in 3 ways-

A. One to one

You can give a plan to a person yourself, provided you have complete information about the company and you can give a good plan. Because only then you will be able to clear all the doubts in front.

B. How to join in Group Meeting

Whichever plan you want to give, you can plan it in a group with your senior, it will benefit that your senior will also keep some things which will affect them more. It has also been seen that group meeting always gives good results from One to One.

C. Event meeting

Take your Prospects to any big event or Seminar of the company, this gives them a lot to see and understand there and instills trust in them. This increases their chances of joining.


5. Always do FOLLOW UP

Follow up the people you have met and whom you have given a plan, that is, talk to them again. Because when you leave after giving a plan, then a lot of thoughts come to his mind, a lot of doubts, some negative and some positive like – will I be able to do this? Will I be harmed? Like other companies, they too…. Et cetera et cetera. In this case, it is very important to follow them up, talk to them, and clear their doubts. And yes, do the most important follow up always in 24 to 48 hours.

6. Tell your DOWNLINE how to give a plan and how to join

Suppose you gave a plan to someone and he also joined. But even after that, you have to give him another plan. Last time, you had given a plan to join him, but this time you have to explain to him how a plan is given to someone. Ask him to practice it himself.

7. Become 100% PRODUCT USER

Many people do not use the product of their own company. Now when they do not use that product themselves, then how can they convince others. If you will not use your company’s product, then your downline will do the same. That is why if you want to succeed in Network Marketing then you have to become 100% Product User.

8. Attend all MEETING and SEMINAR

You have to attend all the meetings, seminars, workshops, training, etc. of your company because Network Marketing is the business of learning. If you are ready to learn and do not go to your company’s meeting and seminars then you will not be able to learn anything. The result will be a lack of confidence in you. You will not be able to come out of your Comfort Zone and this business will not give you anything. That is why if you want to succeed in Network Marketing then always be ready to learn.

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Of all the ways I have told you here, the most important is that you must have to flow all the above points.

If you follow the above tips correctly, you do not need to think that you people should how to join. People themselves would like to join themselves. If you want any more information, you can ask by commenting below. 

I Believe you all like my post How to Join Network Marketing. And do not forget to share this post with your friends or other social media.

Thank You 

Good Luck!

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