7 Important tips for success in blogging

7 Important tips for success in blogging

It has become difficult to succeed in blogging at this time. Because now the popularity of videos is increasing every day, bloggers face google algorithm update the next day. In such a situation, it has become very difficult to get the top rank in Google. But still, if you follow the right blogging tips then you can grow your blog well and can move forward. In this article today, I am going to tell you 7 such Best Blogging Tips, which will help you succeed in blogging.

For the past several years, top bloggers and blogging experts have been suggesting success in blogging. This year too many bloggers advised newbie bloggers according to their own.

I don’t understand myself as an expert, but there are some ideas in my mind, for which I think if we keep blogging with these things in mind, then we can achieve success in blogging now also.

How do I start blogging and create a successful blog? But I have already explained in detail. In this article, I am telling you some important tips for success in blogging.

7 important tips for success in blogging

By the way, I have already written many articles about getting success in blogging, but the ways of getting success change every year. In this article, I will tell you about the blogging tips that work at any time.

1. Work in a team 

If you want to earn 10k, 20k, 50k in blogging, then you can run your own blog next of course, but if you want to earn lakhs of rupees, then you have to work by forming a team.

How much your site gets updated, this matters. For example, you must have seen many news sites, whose content does not have power but still ranks.

I do not mean to say that you form a team and start writing anything. Build a team so that you can do more in less time.

You will benefit from this that you can beat an individual blogger easily. While forming the team, keep in mind that instead of 10, you hire 1 writer, but the writer should be good.

Often people make the mistake that they hire a newbie in a cheap affair, as a result, they are unable to provide good content and they lose money instead of profit.

2. Create a YouTube channel for your blog 

Now that you have a team, let them all write-only content. Also, choose some people who can make a good video for your article.

This will benefit you dual, not only in traffic but also in income. For this, all you have to do is give a link to the article in the YouTube video and a link to the video in the article.

Since you are providing video content along with text content in the article, it will also give you top rank in Google, which will lead to more organic traffic to your site.

3. Focus on how to monetize your blog first

You have to decide how you want to earn money from your blog. So that you can work on the site accordingly. Instead, select a niche purposefully.

Sheep do not move, and do not start writing anything like others, but choose a subject that has good earnings and traffic. This is my advice for those who want to launch a blog as a business.

If you want to earn from advertisements like AdSense then work accordingly and if you have to generate revenue from affiliate marketing or other ways, then work accordingly.

4. Make your blogging business a brand 

People often make the mistake in blogging that they only depend on organic traffic of Google. As soon as they start getting a little rank in Google, then they forget about other things.


Whereas every blogger needs to brand their blogging business through social media. So that more people can join them.

For this, create a social profile on your blog tomorrow and promote them or try to connect with as many people as possible.

Also, do email marketing for your blog like YouTube subscribers and build an email list for blog subscribers so that you can get a good response on new posts.

5. Promote your blog

A passive strategy may not lead you to success as a blogger. You should know that advertising can also make an app like Hago popular.

Nowadays everyone is advertising for their online business. You should also do this. You can’t do everything alone. You have to do this to get ahead of your competitor.

It has become a bit necessary at this time. Because today anyone comes and invests a little ahead of the existing people in their field.

You will have to tie the readers to your blog, whether you want to do email marketing, advertising, speaking in conferences, or something else completely, but you have to do it.

6. Avoid hard work do smart work

Now only hard work can not make you successful. Now you have to do smart work, make smart habits. Like you have to keep updating your blog at a certain interval.

Studies show that when you publish more than 15 blog posts a month, they are half that of those who publish 30 every month. The consistent, strong content output will set you apart from most of your competitors.

That is why it is better that you also work by making strategies and try to do better than your competitor, only then you will be able to become successful in blogging at this time.

7. Start Today

Do you know that as per the report of March 2019, there used to be 4.4 million blog posts published, which would have been more than 5 million now?

That is, if you do not write a blog one day, then thousands of people have done so. You have to understand this, otherwise, you will be far behind. That’s why my advice is to start today only.

Listen to me stop thinking and just start. Start today and then do not stop until you have achieved your destination.

There is a lot of crowd in blogging, you have to get ahead of this crowd and bring your blog in front of people. For this, you have to start today.


Just I won’t say much here. Only 7 blogging tips have told you, if you follow them then surely your blog will grow even in this difficult period of time.

If you do blogging properly and follow the right tips, then you will surely get success. Your blog will be a success and you will be earning millions from your blog.

And if you do not give time to blogging, then you have no right to aspire to be at the top. Then you will have to be patient with your little success.

Hope you have liked this post, 7 tips to get success in blogging. If you have liked it, then please share this post.


Thank You.

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