14+ way how to earn money from online at home

14+ way how to earn money from online at home

14+ way how to acquire money from online at home– Hello friends, all of you are welcome, in another new post.
Every person has a dream that earns good money in life, and nowadays, that is also very difficult to get a job and every government job cannot be possible, so whatever in the present time. Every person only thinks about how to earn money?
In this time on the internet, there are many such works, by which we can earn money, where only our Skills (skills) are required. Even if we do not have a degree, we can earn money by working online.
So, let’s know about how to earn money, I will tell you here 14+ ways that you can earn money sitting at home, so you guys must read the post completely to get more information about it.
How to earn money from online
By the way, there are many ways to earn money like you can do someone’s job or you can do your own business. Many people make money using these methods. But I am going to tell you that you can earn money by working online while sitting at your home.
Now the number of people who earn money by working online in India is constantly increasing, using which methods you can earn money.
But I want to tell you a few things about these works in advance like many people think that they started working online today and started earning money from tomorrow.
It does not happen because in this we have to learn many things first, only then can we start earning money. Now how much time depends on you, how much time you spend learning those things.
Probably, some of you may be aware of some of these methods, then I would like to say to those people that if you know about those methods well then start working on them from tomorrow. Did not stop
By doing this, you can also face a lot of problems later on. So quickly start that work.
So here too many works for which you will have to learn a lot, like Video Editing, Graphic Designing, then these things can also be learned online or from YouTube. So, if you want to do these things, then first learn them well.
Let I tell you about how to earn money online: –

  • How to earn money from Content Writing
  • How to earn money from Facebook
  • How to become Amazon / Flipkart Seller?
  • How to earn from Share Market?
  • How to earn money by selling the website?
  • How to earn money from Freelancing Jobs
  • Reseller
  • CPA Marketing 
  • Earn money by doing T-Shirt Business?
  • How to make money with Telegram?
  • Unacademic Educator
  • Free Webinar 
  • E-Book Sale Earn Money
  • Earn money from Application
  • How to earn money by writing a Book?
  • SAAS Products

Table of Contents


1. How to earn money from Content Writing


So, like I had just told you that in Blogging we have to create content in Text Format, there are many big bloggers who hire Content Writer.

If you too have good Writing Skills, then you too can do the work of Content Writing. In this, we and the people have to write content for the blog, we can create content in Hindi or English in any language.

By the way, we get money according to the content, we will write, but even if I tell you an idea, you can get up to 300-500 rupees for writing 1000 words.

You can find the work of content writing on a website like Fiverr.com or you can search some blogs on the internet like which you can write content.

And talk to the blog owner over email that you can do their content writing. So in this way, you people can get the work of Content Writing and you will also be able to earn money in this way.



2. How to earn money from Facebook

Do you know that money can also be earned from Facebook? If you do not know, then let me tell you about it.

How to make money from Facebook You first need to create a page on Facebook and you can post Memes or any content like News or Comedy Video on that page to entertain other Facebook users.

When you have good followers on that page, then you can start earning money from Facebook.

                               1. Monetization
2. Promote Other Facebook Page
3. Brand promotion
4. Sell ​​Our Course

These are some ways by which you can earn money from Facebook. So, if you also have a Facebook page on which good followers then you can use these methods to earn money.



3. How to become Amazon / Flipkart Seller?

If you have any business in which you sell any product offline. So, you can increase the sales of the product by starting your own store on the same product as Amazon or Flipkart by e-commerce website.
Both Amazon and Flipkart give us a facility that anyone can sell their product using their platform.
Just for that, you have PAN Card and GST No. It is compulsory if you do not have both these things, then you cannot sell your products on Amazon or Flipkart.

4. How to earn from Share Market?.

Some of you must have known about the Share Market and whoever does not know, then I want to tell them that in the Share Market, we can buy shares of any company that feels about it. is.

After that, if that company is running in profit, then you get a percentage of all the money you invested. And if there is any loss to the company, then you also suffer that loss. After buying Share, you also become a partner of that company.
If you want to invest money in the Share Market, then there is a need to learn about it first. So first you take complete information about it, only then invest your money.

5. How to earn money by selling a website?

If you know how to create a website, then you can make and sell your website, then for this, there is the platform called Flippa, by visiting this website, you can sign up and sell the website you have created.

There are many people who have to sell their website or if someone has to buy a website, then those people can use this website.

But we are talking here that how to earn money, we can earn money by selling this website whose name is Flippa, whose domain is good authority or website or Google AdSense Account.


6. How to earn money from Freelancing Jobs

Like I just told you that if you want to earn money online, then it is very important to have Skills in you.

If you know how to do something like Video Editing, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data The entry then you can do any work for yourself on a website like a Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork.


You may not get any work in the beginning, but gradually you will start getting work from there and when you feel like you can earn money by working.


7. Reseller


To earn money by reselling, you have to download Meesho Application and from there you can sell all the products, share all those products on your social media.

And whoever he is ready to take that product from you, after that you take his address and add your Margin to that product from the Meesho Application and then order when that product will be delivered.

Then you will be shown in the Dashboard of the Margin App you have added, after that you can transfer it to your Paytm or Bank.


8. CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is somewhat similar to Affiliate Marketing but in this, we do not have to sell any product, instead, we have to generate Leads.

For example, suppose a company and they want to download their application and people, then CPA Marketer gets paid according to Per Download after downloading that application.

Because CPA means not only the download of Cost Per Action and Application but to get the sign up on the website to download the game or any online tool.

Promoting such things to generate leads is called CPA Marketing.




9. Earn money by doing T-Shirt Business?

Here on T-Shirt Business, I mean that you can earn money by selling that T-Shirt online by printing the company’s logo or any other image on any T-Shirt.

Like: – You can prepare a Famous Dialogue of any Actor with a good Graphic and after that you can print it on T-Shirt and sell it online.
And to reach the logo of your website, you can use Google Ads or Facebook Ads.
So in the same way, you can earn money by starting an online T-Shirt business.

10. How to make money with Telegram?

On Telegram, you must be watching how many users are joining these days, in such a situation, you have to first start a Telegram Channel and keep doing regular posts on that channel. Promote your Telegram Channel through other social media platforms. Which will add some people to it.

The best way to earn money Telegram is to earn good money by promoting Affiliate Products.

For example, by writing a post about the best deals or offers running on Amazon, Flipkart, or Snapdeal on your Telegram, update it daily in the channel, and add your Affiliate Link to that message.

So that if anyone buys that product, then you get its commission. In this way, you can earn money from Telegram.



11. Unacademic Educator

You can also earn money by teaching children online, you must have heard the name of Unacademic, you can also study students here and teachers who can become money by teaching students by becoming an online tutor.
For that, you will get all the information about Online Tutor by visiting Unacademy’s website, how you can read students and earn money using this platform.

12. Free Webinar 

You can also earn money by doing Free Webinar, just like you must have attended the Seminar, in the same way that Webinars are just online, they are online through Live Stream.

So here you can teach people something new by free webinar, as well as sell things like your (Course, Digital Product).

You can do this Webinar on your Facebook group or any such place, on which platform, more and more people know about you.

Because in this way people will have a trust on you and your Course and Digital Product will be able to sell more.


13. E-Book Sale Earn Money

If your Writing Skills are very good, then you can make and sell your E-Book. To create an e-book, write everything you want to write about in Google Docs and export that file to PDF.

In this way, your E-Book will be ready and now you can promote and sell this E-Book on Facebook Ads.

Or if you have a blog or YouTube channel, then you can promote it in both these places also for free.


14. Earn money from Application

There are many applications on the Google Play Store that make money by showing ads in their applications using Google Admob.
In the same way, if you are an App Developer, then you can earn money by creating your application or by creating an application from another App Developer, publishing it on Google Play Store and placing Google Admob’s ads in it.
And all the ads that are shown in the application get a very good CPC from Blog and YouTube. Due to which your earning can also be very good.

15. How to earn money by writing a book?

If there are some people among you who like to write books, then they can sell any of their books online by writing Friciational or Non-Friciational.

Like you people have seen that many books are sold on Amazon, in the same way, you can list your book in the same way and you will get money for all the books you sell.

So in this way you can earn money by selling books.


16. SAAS Products 

So friends here, SAAS means (Software As A Service) You can create any software or website that can make the work of people as easy as you would have seen there are many online tools.

Such as: –

                                  1. Image Compressor Tool

2. Video To MP3 Converter Tool

Such items are called SAAS Products, so you can earn money by running ads on them by creating websites or the software of these tools.


Conclusion: –

Here I have told you all the how-to earn money, you can start making money online using them. It may be that in the beginning, it may take you a little time to earn money.

Because I also need to learn these things first, how it works. So when you learn them, then you too can start earning money.

Hope you have liked this post, 14+ way how to acquire money from online at home, if you have liked it, then please share this post.


Thank You.
Good Luck!
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