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Hello, friends, my name is Suvankar Koley and today in this post we will all know that after learning the Free Digital Marketing Course, you will also get a certificate for free which will be certified by Google, if you are looking for a job of digital marketing somewhere If you want to do it, then you can benefit by showing this certificate.
Let’s know all the ways that you have to do this course and if you want to do the course, then you have to follow the things so that you can learn digital marketing well and earn money from it.
There will also be many people who will not know who is called digital marketing and what we get to learn in this course of digital marketing and if we learn digital marketing then how can we make money after that If you will get all these things to know in this post today, then all of you guys keep up with this post.

What is digital marketing?  Where to learn Free Digital Marketing Course?

So here you get to see two words digital + marketing, so the word digital means that you all must know, such as mobile or computer laptop, etc. then all those devices which are online internet are all digital devices.
And if you all know the meaning of marketing, then this is what digital marketing is. If I want to speak clearly, it means that you can increase your business by promoting your business online and at the same time you can promote your company. Or you can take your business to the whole world. For example, you can see all these e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart and there are many similar companies that have taken their company to the forefront using digital marketing.
When you have completed your Digital Marketing Course, you will have to take the exam, which will be online-only, and you will get its certificate only after taking the exam.
Types of Digital Marketing: –
So now all of you must know what digital marketing means. Now let us know that there are many more types in it, about which I will tell you differently now, after knowing that you will get a lot of benefits if you want to learn digital marketing course, how many types of digital marketing are there.
  1.       SearchEngine Optimization (SEO)
  2.       Social media marketing
  3.       Content Marketing
  4.       SearchEngine Marketing
  5.       Graphics Designing & Video Editing
  6.       Affiliate marketing
  7.       E-Mail Marketing
  8.       Apps development

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization We have to use it when we want to bring organic page views to our website. Which is very important if you do SEO of your website, then you get a lot of benefit from it, so that a lot of people come to your website, in this, you have to rank on the Target Keyword of your website, which if anyone on Google If you search for Keyword if your the website also comes in that list, then you get a lot of benefit from that thing, then SEO is used for this reason.
What is Social Media Marketing?
If all of you know about Social Media very well and all of you will also use it, then how does this Social Media Marketing come in handy?
Whenever you use your Facebook Instagram, there are lots of Advt. They are shown or a lot of people create their pages and keep regular posts on their products, whoever they want to buy the product and if you like it, then you click on it and see if you like it, then you take that product to your home too.
But it is done in two ways, one is the Free Method and the other is the Paid Method, in which you have to spend some money, in the free one, you can create a page on Instagram, on Facebook and you can post it there.
And on the other hand, you can make your post or product in Paid Method your reach to more people through your Facebook Instagram, as if more and more people will know about your product.
What is Content Marketing?
Content Marketing This means that you write content for someone else. If your writing skill is very good, then you can write a quality post for the user and if you want, you can post it on your website or you can write the same post for someone else.
Just like there are many big websites where a lot of content is published daily, now a single person cannot sit down and create those content, so many people hire content writers and write content from them. If you post on your website and not 1 day from them, that is why a lot of content gets published on their site right now, then you too can learn it if your writing skill is very good.
What does Search Engine Marketing mean?
Search Engine Marketing This means that if you search a keyword on Google, then there are many times Advt. Get to see because it is done through Google Ads, like if I searched online shopping, then I got lots of search results at the top. Will be shown so that a lot of Visitors coming from his Keyword reach his website through his ad, which is the search engine marketing if he benefits.
Graphics Designing & Video Editing
If you are a good Graphics Designer or if you do very good Video Editing, then you can also do this thing.
Many websites use it to hire people who do very good Graphics Design. When they promote their website online, they get good Graphics ready there so that more and more…
They can reach people and through that, they can reach that website, so they need Graphics Designer.
And nowadays video ad has been established ever since, so if you have good video editing then you can edit and edit the video suite for them so that they will upload and attract visitors to their page and that is why their product names are so many Reach people.
To whom does Affiliate Marketing speak?
Affiliate Marketing can also earn good money, use it in such a way that if you have a friend who wants to buy something online, then you can share the affiliate link of that product that you can only do when on that website If an affiliate program is available, then if your friend orders that product from your link, then some commission is added to your account, which you can withdraw all the money after some time.
What is E-Mail Marketing?
If you have installed a Newsletter on your website, then you can give it to any of your Subscriber whoever has subscribed to your newsletter through their email ID, if you want to give any update, like you What kind of new post is going to be posted on your website or you are posting something new, you are not getting that much Reach, then you can send an email to those who have subscribed to the Newsletter on their email ID so that they will come to your post.
What is Apps Development?
So as all of you must know how all people are taking their business online, there are many people who have created their own websites, so they all manage their business or from there their business promotions We do.
If everyone wants to make an application as well, then you can make their application so that the user who is able to use the application well and those who want to promote the business can also promote their business through the application.
These were all types of digital marketing. You can make a career in digital marketing by learning some of these, either you can do digital marketing for yourself or you can find it for clients too.
How to learn Digital Marketing?
To learn digital marketing, you have two options, either you learn online or you learn offline, nowhere offline means that you can learn from any institute where digital marketing is taught. Huh.
And those who want to learn online can also learn in two ways – a Free Method is a Paid Method, so in today’s post, you will all know about Free Method that Free Digital Marketing Course how to learn?
You have two things if you want to learn Digital Marketing in Hindi or in English, then now depends on you in which language you want to learn.
1. Google Digital Unlocked
This is a program created by Google and the Government of India, through which anyone can take a course in digital marketing from here for free. And when you complete this course, you also get a Certificate from Google and it will be useful for you later.
So, let’s now know how to complete the course and how to get a certificate from this Google program.
How to do a course with Google Digital Unlocked?
So, for that, you have to first go to the website of Google Digital Unlocked, you can also go to Google by searching or you can also click on this link.
Then after that, you have to sign-in with your Gmail ID. If you already have a G-mail ID, you can click on the button with sign-in like the image below, otherwise, you can click on the Register.
Now after this, you have to give this permission so that you can create an account, so you have to give all the permission, take a little time but a new page will open on its own.
So here I am going to talk about the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course, inside it you get 26 Modules after you have roasted them, some questions are asked which you can complete slowly.
And it is not that we will complete the course of Digital Marketing in a single day, it definitely takes some time.
Simple Way to Learn Free Digital Marketing Course
Within these 26 Modules, you will find different lessons that you will have to complete. There is a video to learn, you will understand when you see them and after you watch the video, after that you will be asked some questions when you give the correct answer, you will go to the next lesson.
How to get Google Digital Unlocked Course Certificate?
When you complete the course of Fundamental of Digital Marketing and if you are able to clear its result then only you will get this certificate, it will not be that you have seen all the videos and you think that now I too have this certificate This cannot happen if found.
2. Facebook Digital Training Hub
So like I said that digital marketing can be taught from Facebook too, now people who have some difficulties in English, this program of their Facebook is very helpful because here you have all the information available in Hindi and Along with this if you want to learn digital marketing from Facebook, but in English, they can also. Facebook Digital Training Hub
So here you will be taught how to increase your small business, so to learn all these things, you have to first join this program.
Here you will be given some lessons, after reading which you will be asked some questions, after answering the question correctly, you will move towards the next lesson, in this way you can teach digital marketing from here.
Before learning, you must be logged in, because whatever lesson you complete, you will keep saving in it and when you read it a second time, you will get a new text to read, not the same as the previous one.
To login, if you already have a Facebook account, you can use it here. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can also use your mobile number or email.
In this way, this program of Facebook will work, you have to click on the button to start and you can know that digital marketing here very well.
Here I have given you all the information related to Free Digital Marketing Course through this post, so if you also want to learn Digital Marketing, then you will follow all these things, you will definitely learn.

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I have told you here about how to learn free digital marketing courses, then you can earn money in any of these ways, but whatever is good for you, You only choose the method that you can do well.
I hope that you must have liked my post, if you all liked this post, then share this post with all your friends also so that those people can also know that there is Free Digital Marketing Course.
Thank You.
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