How to make money online with affiliate marketing


How to make money online with affiliate marketing

When it comes to earning money from blogs or to earn money online, most people think of the same platform and have Google AdSense, but it is not that if we want to earn money from Blog then we have Google for it, We can earn money only if we have AdSense
Affiliate marketing is one such way that even if there is not much traffic on your blog, you can earn very good money from Google AdSense from here. But first of all, you have to know all these things that what is Affiliate Marketing and how to make money from there? If you want complete information about it, then you must read this post completely…
Many of you people will also know about Affiliate Marketing, but they will not even use this method to earn money online because some people still believe that there would be a lot of problems in making money from Affiliate Market is.
So, for this, I also asked some questions from a very large Affiliate Marketer, Founder of Blogging Cage (Mr. Kulwant Negi), related to Affiliate Marketing, which you can read and get information about Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a platform with which, if you sell someone else’s products through your Referral Link, then we will get some percentage of the price of that product, and in this way, we can earn money from here. Called Affiliate Marketing.
There are many companies making money from Affiliate Marketing, the most famous among them is Amazon Affiliate Program which must have been used by almost all Affiliate Marketer in the beginning. To make money from this, it is very important to have a blog or YouTube channel.
Because you can sell your Amazon product by promoting your Affiliate Link for free at both these places.
In addition to the Amazon Affiliate Program, there are many Affiliate Programs, such as the company that provides a lot of Web Hosting or Domain, also keeps its Affiliate Program launched.
With the help of whoever sells the hosting company to that company, then some of its commission is also given. Which is later transferred to your PayPal Account.
To earn money from Affiliate Marketing, a blog has to be made and you probably know how to make Blogs? So, if we make Micro Niche The website for this, then we will be more beneficial.
Because we can create a post on any one topic on Micro Niche Site, our post is likely to be ranked quickly. So, suppose on that blog that if we want to sell Microwave, then in such a way, we can write some such posts.
Best Microwave Under *** or something like this, you can write a review of any microwave because a lot of people want to see or read a review about it before taking any product, whether it will be right to take that product or not.
And after writing the post in this way, we will put our Affiliate Links in those posts so that if anyone likes that product, then they can buy it by clicking on the Affiliate Link given on your website.
When those products will reach that customer successfully, then their commission will be in the Dashboard of your account with Amazon Affiliate Program.
How to Join the Affiliate Program?

If you search on the Internet, you will find many Affiliates Program, by which you can join and sell products. If you want to sell any physical product like smartphones, TV, Microwave, AC. etc such product then Amazon Affiliate Program is the best platform for you.
If you want to sell digital products such as software, hosting, etc. and other such products, then there are different affiliate programs for all of them.
To join the Affiliate Program for such products, we have to first create a blog and write some posts on that blog, and only then related to the same product, our blog will get Approval from that Affiliate The program, if the Affiliate Program of any product If we want to join,
We have to search something like this on Your Product Name + Affiliate If you search in this way, then you can join all the affiliate programs related to your product.
And if you want to join some such affiliate program in which you have a lot of product, then I suggest you some of the best such affiliate program.
  1. ShareAsale
  2. V Commission
  3. CJ (Commission Junction)
This is some such affiliate program where you will get Affiliate Link of many products, then your work becomes much easier from here.
But if you people, before joining the Affiliate Program of any product, make sure to create a blog related to that product and write some good posts on it, this will give you Approval.
How to Join Amazon Affiliate Program?
Before joining Amazon Affiliate Program, you must have an Amazon account. When you create an Amazon account, only then you join its Affiliate Program.
It is very easy to create an Amazon account, all you need is an email ID and a mobile number. Which has never created an Amazon account before?
Let’s know how to join Amazon’s Affiliate Program: –
Step 1:First of all, you open the the website in your computer and after this you have to come down to the bottom and you will get an option thereby becoming an Affiliate, you have to click on it or you can directly click on it. You can

How to make money online with affiliate marketing

Step 2:– Now people who have already registered will click on the log-in button, but we have never used it before, then for that, you have to click on the button “Join for Free”.

How to make money online with affiliate marketing

Step 3:– After this, enter the email id and password of the Amazon account we had created and log-in.
Step 4:– Here now we have been given four steps, which we have to fill correctly, only then we can create an account of Amazon Affiliate.
So, in the first step, we have to fill all the information about ourselves, such as putting his name in Payee Name, in whose name your bank account will also be.
How to make money online with affiliate marketing
And then after filling in the address, mobile number and Email-Id, click on the button next.

Step 5:– In the next step, we have to add a link to your website, if you do not have any website, you want to join it for your YouTube channel, so in this way,
How to make money online with affiliate marketing
You can also add a link to your YouTube channel. After typing the link in the box, click on the Add button.

Step 6:– Now select any category product you want to promote, here you can also add the category of your blog or YouTube channel.
How to make money online with affiliate marketing
After doing all this, it will also have the following terms & conditions, which if you want to read, then you can also read it, otherwise, you can just tick the I Agree and press the Next button.

Step 7:– In the last step, we will be told the Associate Id of our Amazon Affiliate, if you want, you can take a ScreenShot.

How to make money online with affiliate marketing

So in this way, you can join Amazon’s Affiliate Program to do Affiliate Marketing on your website or YouTube channel.
Now after that, let us also know that if we want to promote any product, how will we do it or how will we get Affiliate Link?
To generate Affiliate Link, the first thing we need to do is open the Amazon. On the website and log in to the same account from which we had just created an Affiliate account.
Now search for any product you want to promote on Amazon website like if I want to promote Redmi Note 8 mobile, then I have searched it and have come to its Buy Now page.
After this, you will see this new line in the header of the website at the top. Where if you want Affiliate Link, then you can click on the text or if you have promoted that product,
If you want a Banner Image, you can click on the image where you will be given the HTML code, after that you can use it easily in your website.
How to Find Profitable Products for Affiliate Marketing?

So first of all, you will have to see what is the most thing these days about which people can do more search, like in this corona time people can search about Immunity Booster to increase immunity in their body. is.
So we have to get some keywords related to this and by writing posts on them, we can get Immunity Booster sold. So we can write a review of any good Immunity Booster in them or Best Immunity Booster For Kids can make some such posts and sell those products.
And the second way is to research our competitive blog on whatever they are, then see that those people and which products are promoting. There are some products about which we do not know, then we can use Ahref or Semrush Tool to check our competitor’s website.
These are the two best ways with which we can find profitable products for affiliate marketing.
Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing

I have seen many such people who are engaged immediately after creating a blog to take Approval of Google Adsense because they believe that if we want money from the blog, for that we can only use Google Adsense on our blog. Earning can be done only by placing ads.
On the other hand, I have also seen some blogs where the owner of that blog has never applied for Google Adsense because these people have to believe that due to the application code of Google Adsense, the loading speed of the website becomes very slow.
And if the traffic on their blog is less, then there earning becomes good due to doing affiliate marketing.
There is a lot of difference between the two things, like if we want to use any other Ad Network with Google Adsense on our blog, then we cannot do it. There are only a few Ad Networks that can be used in conjunction with Google Adsense.
While this is not the case in Affiliate Marketing, we can use all the Affiliate Program on the same blog.
Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Along with a blog, we also read the help of some tools to do Affiliate Marketing, so that our work is easy and good traffic can also come on our blog. So for this, I have to use some tools which I am going to tell you about.
1. Keywords Research

In both Affiliate Marketing or Google AdSense, we need to earn money, if there is traffic on our blog, then it is most important that in every post we write, such keywords should be used in which people search.
If we have written 10-20 posts without doing keyword research, then traffic will not come on our blog. There are some tools to research keywords, using which we can extract good keywords and prepare those content.
  1. Ahref (paid)
  2. Semrush (paid)
  3. Ubersuggest (free)

So, these are some of the best keywords research tools that are used by everyone. And Keyword Research is one such method which helps a lot in bringing traffic to the blog.
2. Grammarly

This is a Google Chrome Extension with which we can create good content. When we also write a post, there is definitely something wrong with us in Spelling or Sentence.
So this Free Extension helps us whenever there is a mistake of spelling while writing a post, then it tells us the correct spelling of that word and we can correct it, then in this way we can prepare Quality Content.
Scope of Affiliate Marketing In 2020
The scope is still in Affiliate Marketing and will increase even more in the coming years, perhaps people will be aware that 80 percent are brands that have started their own Affiliate Program.
Because of which the products of these companies become more sellable and no company would want to sell their products. So that’s why Affiliate Marketing will increase even more in the coming time, it is not going to reduce.
Kulwant Negi Earnings and Income Sources
So, by now you must have understood that these things are what is Affiliate Marketing and How to make money from Affiliate Marketing. Let us now know that till now you have received whatever information about Affiliate Marketing in this post.
Mr. Kulwant Negi, the founder of Blogging Cage has given us about this, now let us know what their income sources are and how much the money they earn in a month.
Kulwant Negi: – Earlier I used to promote A2 Hosting but I do not now because now the price of A2 Hosting is very high, so now I promote Green Geeks and there are more products that I promote as well. And this is all my income sources.
And it has been a matter of how much I earn in a month and just a few months ago in March 2020, I had earned the highest of my life, I earned 23 Lakh rupees in the month of March and I earned every month, so I am every I earn around 10 Lakh a month.
Tip from Kulwant Negi

Kulwant Negi: – So my tip for you people will be that you do not try to make a master of everything, become a master in any one thing and after that do your work in something else.
Because if we do any two things together, then we cannot give as much time in both the things as we can do in doing one thing well.
If you are blogging, then you first become an expert in blogging, after that you work on YouTube, many people do both at the same time, in such a way, both of them are not able to give time properly.
If you want any information about Affiliate Marketing, you can have a blog by Authority Hacker, read it here, you will get many posts from where you can learn Affiliate Marketing for free.
Conclusions: –

So if you have knowledge about blogging then you should start an Affiliate Marketing blog today and before that, you search some low competition keywords and make a blog on them and promote products and make money from Affiliate Marketing.
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So, please tell people how you liked our post How to make money from Affiliate Marketing  by commenting below and to read more posts related to Make Money Online, you can read this by visiting My blog
Both Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are different things, so we cannot say which of the two platforms is the best to earn money from blogs,
These things depend on the Niche of our blog, what is the Niche of our blog. If Blog has the Niche Shayari website, we can earn money by applying Google AdSense’s Ad Code from there.
And if we put Affiliate Link in the same Shayari website, then we cannot make money from that website because people who have come to read Shayari will not click on our Affiliate Link and if clicked by mistake, then any benefit of that Will does not happen until the product is successfully ordered.
If you want more information about this, then you can read this post on Google AdSense VS Affiliate Marketing.

I hope that you must have liked my post, if you all liked this post, then share this post with all your friends also so that those people can also know that there is How to make money from affiliate marketing. Thank You.

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