How to Make a Wordpress Website Faster

How to Make a Wordpress Website Faster

Welcome to Best Guide Guru professional guide blog. Today I will show you How to make WordPress website faster. This guide is most important for everyone, but someone only website faster other way, friend,  follow our instructions and make your website faster then other website and collection visitor and reader online. This method ” How to make a WordPress website faster ” is most valuable for everyone.

How to Make a WordPress Website Faster
How to Make a WordPress Website Faster

I will cover all of the best way to How to make a WordPress website faster in this quick post today.

Why your website speed matters  visitors

When any visitor visit your website for the first time, you have only few times attract and convince them to my blog or website is most compatible for you. If your website long to load in browser visitor closes your website tab and search another for more information.

Top 5 method to apply to make a WordPress website faster

After long time I am collecting this method to make your website faster. I guarantee that using this method make your WordPress website speed up.

#1. Choose a Good and Best Hosting

Hosting is the most important role to make the website faster. If your hosting company gives you 99% uptime guarantee but some time gets your website received high traffic hosting company incredibly slow site speed. I’m suggesting you always choose your best hosting company with best high value plan.

#2 Use an Effective Caching Plugin

WordPress plugins depository is useful for everyone, but caching plugin help of our website improves loading time, all of them plugin are free and easy to use everyone. I recommend you use any of the caching plugin which have the features you need and is easy to install and use. My favorite caching plugin or I am using w3 total cache plugin.

Simply install the plugin and active, now your page load faster as content or media files are cached.

#3 Image optimizes plugin ( Automatically )

All the images are the most important to attract visitors, but your image loading process makes your website slow  but not to worry I have solution how to optimized your images automatically. I am using WP-smushIf image optimizer for process to all of image automatically optimize without reducing image quality. I am suggesting you download and use this free plugin to optimize your images. WP-smushiF

#4 Turn off Pingbacks and Trackbacks

As a matter of course, WordPress associates with different web journals that are furnished with Pingbacks and trackbacks. Each time another online journal notice you, it advises your web page, which thusly overhauls information on the post. Killing this won’t crush the backlinks to your site, only the setting that creates a ton of work for your site.

For more details, Read this article of  about WordPress Pingback, tracks and linkbacks

#5 Use CloudFlare or CDN’s

CloudFlare and CDN’s are similar for sharing content fast loading around the world. After use integrate this service your content fast deliver on visitor browser. I recommend you use CloudFlare and CDN’s for increase website speed.

Thanks for reading ” How to Make a WordPress Website Faster “. If you like article share this article.


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