How to Make Your Website Faster

How to Make Your Website Faster

Warm welcome to Best Guide Guru. I’m going to show you how to make your website faster, if you SEO master you know what’s important role SEO industries or newbie, website faster load is most important for your visitor and surfing your website internet. If your website opens fast, then attracting more reader or follower in your website. If your blog loading slowly, many visitors or follower may close an open tab without reading your website posts. Today I will show you how making your website faster and attract more web post readers and followers.


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Blog Posts

If your home page shows many posts, then your page loading slow or number post affected your website loading time. If you make faster your website, edit this and show minimum just like 5-7 only, posts show in the home page section. You can easily solve this function from your layout area. I am recommending you are displaying 10 posts in the home page section.

Blog Images and Media Files

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If you use many of images, video and other multimedia files in your website, then your blog the longer to load any browser. However, image, video and other multi-media is the  most important part for every blogger to attracting user or reader to your web sites, so it will be important to optimize the burden speed of your images and media. We have listed some of tips for you how make your website faster to increase website loading speed.

Make sure your website use images small size or decrease the size of your images.

If you have more time operating a blog or large number of multi-media files, using third party Multimedia files, If yes then use Picasa album, upload all of media files and link on your article or website.

Third party Javascript and Links

For loading faster your website, we  always recommend using blogger widget javascript and link for fast loading. If you use third party javascript and links, we always recommend you put all of javascript and the links at the bottom of the website.

Extra Information to make your website faster

If your custom CSS in your website to make extra eye catching, you most put your all of the CSS code in the top of the website pages.

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