How to start SEO friendly Blog in Blogspot

How to start SEO friendly Blog in Blogspot

A warm welcome to Best Guide Guru professional blog. I am going to show you how to create Search Engine friendly blogger blog ( SEO friendly blog ) today. I hope you really know the blogger is Google products. If you have a Gmail email account you can easily start your blog. If you haven’t Gmail email account, click on How to create a Gmail Email Account.  Friend Blogspot is the most popular blogger platform in the world. Every day, thousands plus Blogspot account open in blogger and operate with different people around the world, but some people success to start good SEO friendly blog and make popularity in the world.

In this guide, I will complete guide you how to start and operate SEO friendly blog easily within 20 minutes. Friend, in article cover all of the resources about updates blog templates, how to edit blog privacy, how to verify blog in a google search, meta tags, search description, robots, SEO blog start, posts and image optimization and more about the blogger blog related.

Let’s  start creating your own blog today …

  • Let’s create a blogger subdomain blog
  • How to Install/change your blog theme/template
  • How to create SEO friendly title/description/meta tags and how to optimize
  • How to find an SEO score or index in Google using Google webmaster tools
  • How to add or integrate blogger in Google analytics
  • How to write a search engine friendly content

If you really like to start your own within 20 minutes, you can create completely search engine friendly blogger blog. Blogger, Google products and free of cost to everyone. Anyone can easily start a blog follow this guide.

Last Word:-

My goal is to help everyone who really wants more information about Blogspot guide or want to create a seo friendly blog. If you like get more guide about blogger, please visit regular our blog. If you have any question about our article, please comment us, I’m trying to solve fast.


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