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How to register free blog domain in Blogspot/blogger

Welcome to Best Guide Guru professional guide. I am going to show you How to register free blog today. Friend, this is a major way to starting blogging. If you are starting the first blog on blogger platform this is the right way to experience for you. Blogger is a Google product and free for everyone around the world. Anyone can register an start blogging here. If you like making

How to start SEO friendly Blog in Blogspot

A warm welcome to Best Guide Guru professional blog. I am going to show you how to create Search Engine friendly blogger blog ( SEO friendly blog ) today. I hope you really know the blogger is Google products. If you have a Gmail email account you can easily start your blog. If you haven’t Gmail email account, click on How to create a Gmail Email Account.  Friend Blogspot is

Top 50+ High PR Dofollow Blog Submission Directory List

Welcome to Best Guide Guru professional guide blog. Friends if you are SEO consult or blog or website owner, Dofollow links are very important for everyone to rank and popularity your website in Search engine. Today I will show you top 50+ high PR Dofollow blog submission destination for growing your Alexa rank in popularity in Google. I know organic traffic is the most valuable for your business or blogging

10+ free blogger template for use in Magazine blog

Welcome to Best Guide Guru professional blog. I am going to show you 30+ free responsive free blogger template in 2016. The design is the most important part for everyone. If you design nonclear and nonclean visitor diverts another website or blog. These are our collection for free and best ideas for everyone. Free HTML5, CSS3 Templates Collection Free Responsive WordPress Themes collection Free Responsive Joomla Template Collection Dens- Responsive

web 2.0 Link Building Websites list

What is a web 2.0 website ? Web 2.0 website is the user generated content and usability system. In web 2.0 system non-expert level user serving system in internet. Just like social media website, Video sharing website is web 2.0 websites. If any user to user contact and sharing own content and more this site call web 2.0 website around the world. Today I will show you top web 2.0

unfriended find on Facebook Who I Step by Step Information

Welcome back to bestguideguru.com. Today I will tell and guide you how to know who unfriended find you on Facebook. This guide is very important for who want to know about unfriended why? If you have not any idea to know about who unfriended you this guide is very knowledgeable for you. Follow the step by step instruction to know unfriended you on Facebook community today. I am going to

What is the Survey and how it work ?

What is the survey? The Survey is a technique of gathering & assembling data from people. Surveys are held by businesses and manufacturers to get their company or product responses for improving products and services and for testing with human the market before launching a new product or service. The surveys might be conducted in some ways like through a written form, over the phone, by mail, in person, by

Make Money Online 3o+  way to earn money Online

Everyone wants to earn some extra make money online without any investment to settle their financial needs. Online earning is a better option as everyone one digitizing their business and setting up online. In online earning we have to put fewer efforts and can earn $$$ monthly without any investment. There are lots of websites and online earning programs like affiliation marketing or sales, marketing which offers us a commission